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Sixth Moon Press

Troll Duty - Ebook

Troll Duty - Ebook

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Welcome to the Twilight Veil where the citizens of Seattle wield magic and weapons against rogue vampires and dark fae.

I moved to Seattle to get my dream job with the Slayers. So far my work duties risk getting my throat ripped out on a daily basis. My sensei at the Slayers is sending me out on a job to deal with a rampaging stone troll. Even better, my backup is the new kid from Ireland who doesn’t know which is the pointy end of the knife. If we fail, the Caravan can't cross the bridge and the citizens of Seattle who are counting on the life-saving medicine on the Caravan will suffer.

I’ll get the job done, no matter what it takes, because I haven't come this far to wash out of Slayers now.

The events of this story take place after Stakes and Bones, and before Bricks and Murder.
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