Action/Adventure Urban Fantasy in Post-Apocalyptic Seattle

Cross the Twilight Veil Today!

On the day of the Drowning the Pacific Ocean rose up like a spiteful child and struck Seattle with the force of a bomb. The combined earthquake, flood, and hurricane crushed the city like an egg and buried it under sea water and kelp.

The Tarim Pyramids, massive structures of glowing orange crystal, rose from the ocean and bathed the Pacific Northwest in arcane power that blotted out the sun. The Pacific Northwest became a haven for the supernatural. Creatures of myth and legend who had been living in hiding came to Seattle to live free from the constraints of human society.

A hundred years later and Seattle is home to supernatural creatures from all mythologies. Vampires, ghosts, fae, and water demons prowl the lands of endless twilight. The Seattle Slayers retook the old city and molded it into something like civilization. Now they maintain the uneasy truce between the humans, the vampires, and the mysterious Tarim.

Roxy Lim has come to Seattle to take up her father's legacy and make her fortunes. But her family's name casts a long shadow and she will find herself tested in ways she never imagined.

Action-packed urban fantasy in post-apocalyptic Seattle, with magic and monsters from eastern and western myth! Start the series today with Stakes and Bones!

Reading Order

Breaker's Dawn - FREE series prologue (novelette)
Stakes and Bones - Book 1
The Fangs - FREE Tyee POV
Troll Duty - Book 1.5 (novelette)
Bricks and Murder - Book 2
A Slayer's Yule - fan exclusive short story
Blood and Blades - Book 3
The Night Prince - FREE Tyee POV
Fists and Fangs - Book 4