Explore the Characters of the Phoenix Hoard

Long Jiaren are the living descendants of the Nine Sons of the Dragon. They wield fantastic dragon talents and live among us, hiding in plain sight. Who are these mysterious people, hiding in the shadows?

Emiko Soong and Bao, her loyal foo lion

Emiko Soong, the Broken Tooth of Soong, and former Blade of the Clan, lives in San Francisco, far from the disappointed looks of her mother and father. As the Blade, she made a terrifying name for herself as the sharp edge of her father's cutthroat schemes. But now she's trying to carve out a new life that doesn't involve bloodshed, or her swords.

Bao mostly wants to take naps under sunny windows, but he is Emiko's fierce defender when needed.

Fiona Tran

Scion of the Trans, Fiona is set to take control of her clan from her parents. Until then, she is the local Head of Clan in San Francisco, where the Trans control all the major shipping lines for magical goods in and out of California.

Fiona is a gao-level wind talent who has honed her talent and her fashion to a keen edge as sharp as any surgeon's scalpel.

Freddy Tran

Widely regarded as the "Lazy Tran," Fiona's twin brother usually spends his days at the beach, working on his tan and in search of killer waves.

Don't let his laid back demeanor fool you though, he packs as much power as his sister, he just doesn't have a reason to use it.