Hoard Guardian Families of San Francisco

The eight Hoard guardian families represent the strongest of the Jiaren, with power backed by troves of gold, gems, and artifacts, all soaked in Dragon magic.


Hoard Affinity: Pearls

Family Color: Charcoal, Pink

Emiko Soong is the sole member of her family residing in San Francisco. Perhaps, hiding in self-exile is a better description, considering how she fled from Tokyo two years ago.

Despite her current humble trappings, her family is a small but powerful member of the eight ruling clans. Her parents wield powerful Dragon talents that make them fearsome in combat and espionage. For now, Emiko is simply happy to be beyond the reach of her parents, and free to live her own life.


Hoard Affinity: Hammered Silver

Family Color: Silver

Fiona and Freddy Tran represent the younger generation of their family, a powerful sect of air talents. San Francisco is a relatively new outpost for them, a lucrative shipping business that was won at great cost.

Although he was slated for leadership, Freddy has stepped aside in favor of his sister. He spends his days in search of gnarly waves and inner peace.

Fiona is young but savvy. She carries the weight of the clan on her shoulders, and she has honed her air talent and fashion sense to the keen edges she wields to survive.


Hoard Affinity: Gold

Family Color: Black

When people talk about 'old money' in San Francisco, they are talking about the Louies, even if they don't know it. Despite the arrival of the upstart Trans, the Louies maintain an iron grip over nearly every ounce of Hoard gold that passes through the west coast.

The nominal head of the Louies is Raymond "Ray Ray" Louie, eldest son of Dai Lou, and president of the Central Road Bank. However, it is Dai Lou's younger brother, "Uncle Jimmy" Louie, who controls the family from behind his less-than-capable nephew, using his calm, subtle influence to grow their massive mountain of gold.