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Breaker's Dawn - FREE Ebook

Breaker's Dawn - FREE Ebook

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Roxy Lim watched her father waste away from the Black Wait and now the onset of the disease slowly eats away at her mother. When her long lost Uncle Samuel reaches out with a behest, and an offer to Roxy to come cross the Twilight Veil to Seattle, she jumps at the chance to leave Boston and save her mother.

She will venture into the west, where magic has risen and the sky has dimmed to an eternal twilight. Here, creatures of lore roam free and Roxy must battle her way through the Wilds to pass her uncle’s challenge. Only then will she learn if she is a Breaker like her father before her, and if she has what it takes to become a Slayer. But she’s on a clock, and if runs out, so does her opportunity to change her life. 

Cross over to the Twilight Veil, where life is cheap and vampire blood spends the best.

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