Explore the World of the Phoenix Hoard

  • Long Jiaren (Jiaren)

    Humans from the Realm, traditionally in service to the Nine Sons of the Dragon. Due to generations of proximity, Jiaren developed their own versions of dragon magic. These talents run in families and are carefully considered when families inter-marry. When the Cataclysm destroyed the Realm, a large population of Jiaren fled to our world and learned to live among us on the Asian continent. In the thousand years since their arrival, Jiaren now span the globe.

  • Juwairen (Wairen)

    Literally, outsiders. This is the term Jiaren use for anyone who is not Jiaren. More importantly than the lack of dragon talent, Wairen are unaware of the existence of Jiaren and their hoards of treasure that form the basis of Jiaren power.

  • Di Yi Tiao (The First Law)

    Protect the Hoard.

    All Jiaren are taught from an early age to shield knowledge of the existence of Jiaren from Wairen. Of all the Laws, the First Law holds precedence.


    Di Er Tiao (The Second Law)

    Kill Only When Justified.

    Since so few escaped the Cataclysm, Jiaren realized that feuding would end their bloodlines. When families fight to the death, those incidents must be vetted by Arbitrators, ruthless Truthseekers who can peel open minds and emotions to find the truth.

  • Talon

    Casted from only the purest Hoard gold, Talons are unique to each family, but all bear the motif of a dragon talon. Talons are markers traded between families, the magical equivalent of "I'll owe you a favor." Only this favor is backed and guaranteed by magic and is good across generations. Once a Talon is Called, it cannot be ignored. Someone in the bloodline must answer the call or suffer devastating consequences.

  • Library

    For Jiaren, the Library is much more than a repository of books. Jiaren Libraries are hidden within Wairen libraries and are considered sacred spaces where family conflicts must be left at the door. The Libraries are said to contain all the collected knowledge of Long Jiaren, even from before the Cataclysm, although no one knows where this knowledge is stored.

  • Hoard

    When Jiaren fled the Realm, they carried as much Hoard as they could. Much of the Hoard was lost in the chaos of that first Crossing, and the Jiaren families have been ever searching for the countless treasures of their Dragon gods. A family's Hoard consists of gold and jewels, all steeped in dragon magic like radioactive ore. The quality and quantity of a family's Hoard determines their strength and standing.